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Parenting is a challenge at the best of times.
As a church, we're here to support you through this time of added stress during lockdown. Please do get in touch with us at if you could use a safe place to share any difficulties and process what you’re going through. 

Don't forget to watch our GFM KIDS! videos with your children and check out Virtual Sunday School.

Here is a video we made with some top tips for parenting during lockdown...

Help keep your child safe online

Thinkuknow is the education programme from NCA-CEOP, a UK organisation which protects children both online and offline.

They have created these home activity packs to support parents during COVID-19 and the closure of schools. Each one contains a 15 minute activity you can do with your child to support their online safety.

Video chat safely

Video calling has quickly become part of our “new normal.”
Whether it’s engaging in an online classroom or catching up with friends
and family, here's how to make sure your child's video chats are safe and secure.

With many having to adapt to a new way of doing family life, the pressures can feel huge - but they don't have to. Care for the Family UK Director, Katharine Hill, breaks down the myth of the perfect parent. 

Advice on healthy parenting in the time of COVID-19 from the WHO

This may be a difficult time for children and young people too. Here's a video from BBC Newsround for children who may be worried about the coronavirus...

As well as thinking about the children or young people in your care, it is important to take care of your own mental health and wellbeing. Visit our Mental Health page to find out more.

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